The Biryani Principle in Business

27 March 2010

انعجبت في موضوع قريته في مدونه Harvard Business Review يتكلم عن كيف امريكا تواجه صعوبات في تخطي  التدهور الاقتصاد العالمي وهي تملك  اكبر شركات العالم والي يديرونها افضل وغلا  مدراء في العالم،  من حيث راتبهم الشهري. اما في دوله مثل الهند تقدم بلاء حسن وهي دوله مستواها الاقتصادي اردا بكثير من أمريكا. وهذا ما لفت انتباه العلماء.

The Biryani Principle

في الهند الشركات تراعي موضفينها وتحاول تشاركهم امورهم الاجتماعيه بدون حدود لدرجة ان اذا الموظفين عندهم ديون الشركه تساعده في تسديد دينه وتحاول تسهل له امور المعيشه. لان الموظف تكون نفسيته مرتاحية والبال مرتاح فساعات الانتاج عنده اكثر لدرجة الموظفين يجلسون بعد ساعات العمل يساعد بعضهم الاخر.

 There is every reason to believe that these companies have done well precisely because they are doing good. Helping poor people pays off when those people get money and become consumers, as millions of Indians have done every year. It also helps in a still regulated economy to get government permissions and approvals.

In this case which illustrate to us that in India they are well aware and well utilise the culture in business. Thereby the management can pull out from its workforce productivity that is more efficient. Sadly we all ignore that tool and just leave the iceberg to grow deeper and more complex root beneath the organisation.

I personally view that principle is will work in everywhere very well with clever management to lead. Imagine that you have computer shop like the one in Al Mansoori Plaza, 2×3 meter shop floor, 2 Indian workers and hundreds of parts all in that shop. Convert that to 5×6 meter shop floor with the same workers plus one IT expert that you pay him to teach the other staff. Then with some bonuses the employees you give them each time they learn more skills and you have to allow them to create any piece of computer. Definitely you’ll see big jump in the profit and always invest in people (your worker).

Think ‘Culture’, there are many books here is One and Two with many article could found on google. good luck guys =)


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